What does handmade merchandise mean?
Handmade merchandise means just that! Every item in our shop is conceptualized, designed, and produced by individual(s) and small business owners, quite literally with their own two hands. Most of our vendors are local to Michigan too!

How do you find the work you carry?
We find our artisans through many mediums - most predominately via the powers of the world wide web. We also enjoy attending local craft shows, networking events, and love referrals!

Can I bring samples of my work in person to Half Mile Handmade?
In respect to our customers, we ask that you do not pitch products to us during store hours. Rather, prefer that you complete the online application here, and wait to hear from a member of our staff.

How can I sell my work at Half Mile Handmade?
We're glad you asked - please fill out the vendor application form here to be considered.

How does selling at Half Mile Handmade work?
The store uses a consignment sales model with a standard 60/40 split, favoring the vendor. Consignors will also be subject to a one time $25 administration fee. Vendors are paid commissions monthly based on the number of items they have sold.

Does everyone get accepted as a vendor?
Unfortunately, we can not accept every single applicant. In order to provide the best shopping experience for our customers, we try to offer a variety of goods while keeping "duplicate" products to a minimum. We will hold on to your information and reach out if it becomes a good fit for the store in the future. Hint: make sure to include good quality photos and credible resources for your business when submitting your application.

How are prices determined?
Each vendor is responsible for determining the prices of their products and receive 60% of the retail price for each item they sell.

How do you get paid?
As a vendor, you will be paid one time monthly on or before the 7th of each month via direct deposit.

Have additional questions? 
Send us an email using the form here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.