Back To School

Some people make resolutions to get organized at the beginning of the year. Others might participate in spring cleaning to bring that necessary order to their lives. For me, back to school is what gets me to kick it into gear. I don't have children but something about the fall approaching makes me want to get all my ducks in a row after a fun and busy summer season. Today I'm just doing a quick round up of some of my favorite organizational resources as well as showing you some awesome back-to-school products that are available for purchase in our store.

It's true, I still use paper planner! I love writing things down and color coding different activities or appointments. I have always used a monthly planner for an overview of my entire month at a glance. However, for the the week to week I use a loose leaf sheet for my "to-do's." One of my favorites is a simplistic free printable from Alice and Lois that allows me enough space to write out my daily tasks. 

Lists play a huge part in the way that I get things done too! Isn't there something gratifying about writing something down and crossing it off? There are tons of free printables out there for grocery lists, general to do lists, setting goals, chores, budgeting and much more.

If old fashion lists and planners aren't your thing there are many great apps and online resources available too. I use Google Docs quite a bit for collaborating with others. I've heard great things about the following resources too, although, I have not used them personally:

I'd love to hear about some of your organization regimens - feel free to drop some suggestions/ideas in the comments!