October Meet the Maker Featuring The Crooked Dollhouse

This month we get to introduce you to Cheyenne Taylor the owner and maker at The Crooked Dollhouse! Chey is Michigan born and raised and currently lives in Vassar. Like many of our makers, she has always had an interest and hand in being crafty and also enjoys photography. She says, "Creating and capturing beautiful things is uber relaxing for me, so I’m incredibly lucky to have a job that allows me to do both!"

The Crooked Dollhouse 2.jpg

In 2014 Chey was given a box full of broken family jewelry that she decided she would fix. She mended chains, added charms, and put some life back into the pieces that had been unused for so long. From there jewelry making just stuck and in 2015 she decided to make a business of creating her own unique designs created start to finish by hand! The name of her business, The Crooked Dollhouse, is unique just like each piece she makes and the people that wear it.

Jewelry making is her full time job and there is no part in the process that Chey does not completely adore. She even says that packaging up orders brings her a lot of joy, "I always get excited when shipping an order, because it means I get to package everything up super cute." We have been lucky to stock The Crooked Dollhouse pieces since we opened in 2016 and love that her inventory is always changing and fresh. You can shop her jewelry buy stopping in to see us on Water Street or by clicking the link below!