April Meet the Maker Featuring Ash & Ivy

Ash & Ivy 1.jpeg

This month we are pleased to introduce you to Ashley Buckner from Ash & Ivy out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her Instagram bio reads, “maker of modern goods for newborn - toddlerhood + custom orders.” Ashley is a lifelong west-sider with a serious adoration for the lake shore. She and her hubby love the Grand Rapids area and have no intentions of leaving anytime soon. She started crafting all the way back in high school making bows for cheerleading teams. When she went off to college she discovered that not everyone was into bows, and asked her grandma to help her take up sewing. She took a 20 year old machine back to the dorms with her and the rest as they say is history.

Ashley can’t can’t pinpoint a specific day when this adventure became an official small business but explains, “one day I just woke up and was like, man I really want to own my own shop and work for myself.” She originally started out with a different business name but changed all of that up last March bringing a cohesive brand and business name to the table: Ash & Ivy. Ash is short for her name and Ivy represents her business a whole, the way that ivy has a tendency to encompass all.

Ash & Ivy 2.jpg

Right now Ash & Ivy is a side hustle when she’s not working at the hospital, but one day Ashley hopes to make it a full-time endeavor. Her favorite part in the process is shopping for supplies (and who wouldn’t, right?!). Make sure you check out her one-for-one elephants and their story, as well as her Lifestyle/DIY/Business blog here. You can shop a handful of her handmade items in our store or by clicking the link below!