September Meet the Maker Featuring Knot Just a Bow

Knot Just a Bow 1.jpg

This month we are excited to introduce you to Kelly Hughes at Knot Just a Bow hailing from the west-side of the state (Grand Rapids, to be exact). As she proclaimed, “I’m a west Michigan transplant.” After receiving her Elementary Education degree from Grand Valley State University, she taught in Detroit for a year and then headed back to the Grand Rapids area landing in the Kentwood Public Schools. She grew up crafting, first with her mom and grandma, and then a little more while in the Girl Scouts. After completing a large service project of making quilts for kids in the foster system she was gifted her first sewing machine her freshman year in high school and she’s been at it ever since.

When she first started sewing with her own machine she made endless pajama pants and pillowcases and gifted them to family and friends. Two years into her big girl job she started making dresses and matching bows for her co-workers daughters’ and suddenly it was a business. The name for her business came to her as she was creating these items and has been a driving element of what she does and teaches to her students ever since. She explains, “so, Knot? or Not? For me, this shop is NOT just a shop it's a living example of what can be accomplished when you put your mind to something. It is KNOT bows that started it but it is much more that will continue it.”

As you may have already gathered, Knot Just a Bow is a side gig for her most of the year, but says “during the three months of summer, I have fully engrossed in my craft.” Her favorite parts of the process are the final step of tuning a project right-side-out and customer reactions to her handmade items. When she isn’t teaching or spending time with her sewing machine Kelly also loves camping and spending any time possible outdoors. You can shop her handmade items in our shop or by visiting her on Etsy at the link below.

August Meet the Maker Featuring Dapper Jack Designs

Dapper Jack Designs 1.jpg

The maker story that we have to tell you today will be short and sweet - we are excited to introduce you to Emily McCarty from Dapper Jack Designs. Emily is a Michigan girl, born and raised in Midland, Michigan. When she started making it was 2015 and she was creating paper baby mobiles for family and friends. After seeing some success with that, she also added bibs and blankets to her repertoire and decided to make a go at starting her small business!

Her business is named after her first born son, Jack. On his first Easter, she was snapping photos of him all dressed up and the only word she could think of to describe him was dapper and he became known as Dapper Jack from there on. Emily says, “I knew I wanted to include his name because he was the inspiration for starting the whole adventure!”

When she’s not making for Dapper Jack, Emily is happily chasing her two boys around (her full time job, she says). Some of her most popular items aside from the baby mobiles are paci-clips. You can shop Dapper Jack Designs by stopping into our store or visiting them at the link below!

July Meet the Maker Featuring Jane Elizabeth Jewelry

Jane Elizabeth Jewelry

Summer is the perfect season to accessorize so we are extra excited to introduce you to Leah Mead of Jane Elizabeth Jewelry. She is a wifey, momma of two boys, and resident of Gladwin, Michigan. Somewhere in between family life and her own hobbies including a basketball league and running road races, she manages to make time for her jewelry business. Leah started making jewelry when she was a child, she says “not good jewelry, though.” The more simple kind that kids make stringing pony beads onto a piece of elastic kind of jewelry :) As you will see at the bottom of this post and visiting her site, her skills have come a long way, but she says her reason remains the same, “I just love creating things!”

Her business is named after her mom, Jane Elizabeth, who Leah says she inherited her creativity from. Her mom was always working on a project and Leah seems to embody that same characteristic in her life. Leah also loves spending outdoors and draws a lot of her inspiration for her pieces from the beautiful colors and textures of nature. Her favorite part of the process is when someone buys a pieces of jewelry she’s made, “I am still humbled every time someone loves something that I created.” Right now she’s really loving working with leather in her jewelry.

You can shop her amazing handmade accessories by stopping in to see us, clicking the link below or following her on social media to see when her next shows will be.

May Meet the Maker Featuring ScrapFaery

We are excited to introduce you to a very close-to-home-maker this month: Jen Faber of ScrapFaery! Jen was born and raised in Midland and still resides there to this day. She also got some higher education at a couple places locals might recognize - Delta College, and Saginaw Valley State University! Jen says she grew up around makers (granny dabbled in a bit of everything and mom and sister knit and quilt) so making has always come naturally to her.

Her first run-in with the business side of things with regard to making was in the jewelry department. She made necklaces and posted them on Etsy as well as created custom pieces for co-workers around the office. Soon after she was able to sell her jewelry in a storefront and once that realm of the business was established she moved on to making with paper. Jen explains, “I have more paper than is necessary for a single human being. I have crates of notebook paper, scrapbook paper, graph paper, dot paper, etc. I was already making my own travel journals and day planners -- making junk journals seemed like a natural progression.” The name of her business was another natural progression being that she working with scraps of paper, fabric, and miscellaneous jewelry pieces.

Right now ScrapFaery is a fun side gig for Jen but she would love for it to be full time once day. Her favorite part of the process (like several of our makers) is the creation process. She loves going through her stash and selecting the perfect papers, envelopes, and other pieces necessary for her scrap journals. You can find Jen’s unique items in our store or by visiting her Etsy shop below. BONUS FOR YOU THIS MONTH ONLY, she’s giving you 20% off your purchase in her online shop, just use the code HALFMILE20 at checkout!

April Meet the Maker Featuring Ash & Ivy

Ash & Ivy 1.jpeg

This month we are pleased to introduce you to Ashley Buckner from Ash & Ivy out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her Instagram bio reads, “maker of modern goods for newborn - toddlerhood + custom orders.” Ashley is a lifelong west-sider with a serious adoration for the lake shore. She and her hubby love the Grand Rapids area and have no intentions of leaving anytime soon. She started crafting all the way back in high school making bows for cheerleading teams. When she went off to college she discovered that not everyone was into bows, and asked her grandma to help her take up sewing. She took a 20 year old machine back to the dorms with her and the rest as they say is history.

Ashley can’t can’t pinpoint a specific day when this adventure became an official small business but explains, “one day I just woke up and was like, man I really want to own my own shop and work for myself.” She originally started out with a different business name but changed all of that up last March bringing a cohesive brand and business name to the table: Ash & Ivy. Ash is short for her name and Ivy represents her business a whole, the way that ivy has a tendency to encompass all.

Ash & Ivy 2.jpg

Right now Ash & Ivy is a side hustle when she’s not working at the hospital, but one day Ashley hopes to make it a full-time endeavor. Her favorite part in the process is shopping for supplies (and who wouldn’t, right?!). Make sure you check out her one-for-one elephants and their story, as well as her Lifestyle/DIY/Business blog here. You can shop a handful of her handmade items in our store or by clicking the link below!

March Meet the Maker Featuring Bee Joyful Shop

Bee Joyful Shop 1.jpg

This months maker feature is Jessica VanderVere from Bee Joyful Shop, who’s business focuses on alternatives to single use plastics. Jessica is a Michigan girl - born and raised in Allegan, Michigan and still living here with her five children today! Growing up, she and her family lived completely off the grid (AKA no electricity and no running water) which ultimately helped her learn to be incredibly resourceful. This quality spirit still shines through in her life and business to this day.

Long before plastic wrap was created, Jessica recalls her grandmother using beeswax wraps to seal food. What is now Bee Joyful Shop started as a simple idea Jessica explains, “creating and using sustainable, earth-friendly materials to store food, instead of harmful plastic wraps” was the end goal. She initially started making the wraps with her family and neighbors in mind and put some up for sale on Etsy not knowing if anyone else would even be interested in something like this. The name for her business comes from a Bible verse that has resonated with her throughout her life. Romans 12:12: be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. Jessica says, “to me, that verse encourages us to always be joyful, no matter your situation. Bee Joyful isn’t just a company name, it’s a mindset, a way of thinking, and a way of living at peace.”

Bee Joyful Shop 2.jpeg

Two years later, Bee Joyful Shop is proud to be plastic free and helping others’ to achieve the same. Her most popular item is the three-pack of bee patterned material. Jessica joined us when we opened our City Market location and has been an amazing addition to all the unique handmade products we carry in store! You can find her items at the shop, or by clicking the link below.

February Meet the Maker Featuring ToasteePups

Coincidence that February furry friends is an alliteration? We think not! This month we are thrilled to introduce you to Dawn Farrell of ToasteePups where you can find all things for your furry best friend! Dawn is a proud Michigander growing up in the Flint area and attending school in Bay City, Mt. Pleasant, Kalamazoo, and Ypsilanti earning all kinds of degrees and accreditations along the way. She initially worked in interior design and eventually ended up teaching a variety of high school classes for 21 years.


The first dog related item that Dawn ever created was fleece coats for her own dogs in 2015. Her popular ‘slip-through-the-collar-bandanas’ started shortly after that. Since those beginnings she’s added even more dog accessories to her product line including crate beds, snuffle mats, and most recently ToasteePouches (a fleece and Sherpa bag for pets). Dawn explains, “the name ToasteePups came from when my children would wrap up our first Dachshund up like a burrito and call her a ToasteePup.” We think that’s an awesome origin story!

Toastee Pups 3.jpg

Dawn loves every part of her process from picking out unique fabrics, creation, mailing finished products to cute pets, and all of the adorable fan photos that follow. Right now Dawn does ToasteePups on a part time basis since she is still teaching. However, she has plans to retire this year which will give her more time to devote to her handmade business. You can stop in and shop ToasteePups products with us in store or visit her website below.

January Meet the Maker Featuring Angeline Kay Designs

Angeline Kay Designs 1.jpg

We are excited to be back at maker features after our half-a-month-long giveaway marathon in December (congratulations to all of our winners)! Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Sarah Piazza, the maker at Angeline Kay Designs. She is a Michigan girl through and through, growing up here, still living here and centering a lot of her works around celebrating our great state. She has been in to creating for her entire life taking art classes throughout her childhood and keeping that same creative spirit today in her career as a high school art teacher as well as in her business.

Initially, things started in 2008 creating wedding invitations, but over time morphed into the business it is today. Sarah still incorporates paper into many of her products, but she now offers a large variety of handmade items in her Etsy shop. She said things really took off for her in 2015 when she joined Instagram. Sarah created the name of her business from her grandmothers’ first names. Plus, her parents have a home on 26 wooded acres in Vassar and she works with her dad to create some of her wood slice art - a family affair through and through! She says she’ll “never have a shortage of materials.”

Angeline Kay Designs 2.jpg

Creating is Sarah’s favorite part of her process she says, “I love the artistic process and creating works that are all original and unique.” Angeline Kay Designs is a part-time side hustle at the moment, but Sarah says it’s really starting to take more of her time these days (a good thing). She sells online, at six different retailers, occasional craft shows, and would like to dive deeper into the world of wholesaling soon. She has been part of our shop since the beginning often selling out of her popular copper embossed Michigan signs the she says are a customer favorite! You can shop her handcrafted items in our store or by clicking the link below!

November Meet the Maker Featuring Arch

Arch 1.JPG

This month we get to introduce you to Andrea Archambault who is the owner and graphic designer behind Arch. Andrea is a Michigan-west-coaster; growing up in the Muskegon area, attending college at Ferris State University, and now residing in Holland/Zeeland area. She took her first graphic design class in high school, fell in love, and has been working in the field personally and professionally ever since.

Initially, friends and family suggested that she sell her art and services online, but Andrea didn’t actually take the plunge until she created a Pregnancy Countdown Chain to announce her own pregnancy to her parents. It was a hit and it led her to opening her very own shop on Etsy! The name of her business has been a work in progress throughout the years. Her online presence was initially in blog form, and over the years she’s changed the name a few times, ultimately resulting in the short and sweet “Arch” that we know today (based on her own last name).

Arch 2.jpg

Andrea is a full-time graphic designer by day, but says, “my shop gives me the kind of freedom I don’t necessarily have in the corporate world or even when working with many of my freelance clients.” She absolutely loves her side-job! One of her favorite scenarios is when she gets a custom request and the client gives her total freedom to create something unique for them. You can find Arch in our store, or online by clicking the link below. BONUS: Andrea is offering you a discount this month only when you order from her website. Enter the code HALFMILE25 for 25% off your order!

October Meet the Maker Featuring Kenzie's Boutique

Kenzie's Boutique 1.jpg

It feels SO GOOD to be picking back up with our meet the maker series this fall! First up on our schedule is Mindy Galluch from Kenzie’s Boutique based out of Lewis Center, Ohio! Mindy is the owner and designer at her chunky beaded jewelry business. Her daughter, Makenzie was the inspiration for starting this business. Initially Mindy was making headbands for her, and slowly started selling them, after about nine months, she transitioned to making necklaces and says she’s, “never looked back!”

At first, business was a little slow but over the years Mindy has gained a huge following on social media and now even hosts parties where she’ll bring the supplies and attendees can create their very own necklaces! She has two favorite parts of her business, 1) organizing - Mindy has thousands of beads and pendants ready to go at any given moment so keeping that all in check is key! 2) Seeing the final product on her customers is also a big highlight for her. She credits them for being “super awesome and loyal” and “keeping her on her toes for the next fads.”

Kenzie's Boutique 2.jpg

Mindy works full time in addition to running her handmade business and says keeping up with life, her daughter, and work is sometimes hard but she wouldn’t trade it for a thing! We have had Kenzie’s Boutique products in our store since the beginning and love the insane variety of themes she is able to make/provide us with! You can stop in and shop her products in our store, or join her ready-to-ship group by clicking the “shop now” button below.

May Meet the Maker Featuring All That 'N A Ball of Yarn

All That 'N A Ball of Yarn 1.jpg

It's May and we get to introduce to you yet another amazing maker that sells handmade goods with our shop. This month we are talking about Shannon from All That 'N A Ball of Yarn. She is a Michigan based maker that works with, you guessed it, YARN! We first gained interest in Shannon's products at a craft show we met her at when we were looking for kitchen and gardening goods for our booth inside City Market. She is originally from Sylvania, Ohio but lives in Brighton, Michigan now with her hubby and daughter. She learned to sew and crochet at a young age and fondly recalls memories of time spent on these activities with her grandmother who taught her these skills.

She said she's always had a passion for design in many forms and crochet is just one of the many ways she gets to explore that passion. Shannon's husband came up with the name of her business, All That 'N A Ball of Yarn , because it doesn't restrict what she can create. Yes, the focus is items created using yarn, but the name is vague enough that she can let her creative side run wild! She has always wanted to own her own business and started dabbling in this handmade gig in 2014. When her daughter was born in 2015, she decided to stay home with her and really started working hard on the business and began doing shows and markets with the help of her mother.

Coming up with new designs to add to her inventory is Shannon's favorite part in the process. She also mentions her appreciation for the research and development that goes into each new item, "they may not always work, but trial and error is a huge part of the process as well." Among all that she makes, reusable Swiffer covers and children's hats are the most popular items! You can shop All That 'N A Ball of Yarn products by visiting us at either location, or clicking the link below. 

April Meet the Maker Featuring MRockStar Designs

MRockStar Designs 1.JPG

This month we get to introduce you to Michigan maker Lacy Mrock from MRockStar Designs! Lacy is mitten-born-and-raised and still lives in our great state to this day. She and her husband are both craft beer drinkers and her business is built around BEER - how awesome is that?! Lacy upcycles bottle caps to make a variety of products including earrings, keychains, magnetic bottle openers, and even board games!

After being laid off from work several years ago, she started making jewelry as a hobby. She made a pair of earrings on Christmas that got her lots of compliments anywhere she went. The craft beer industry was beginning to explode around this time too and from there she took initiative to expand her offering to everything we mentioned before. The rest, as they say a lot in the handmade world, is history! She knew she could make a business based around repurposing these bottle caps. Lacy and a friend came up with the name for her business as a play-on-words using her last name and she was up and running in no time.

MRockStar Designs 2.JPG

When we asked Lacy what her favorite part of the process was she said, "drinking the beer of course!" Probably a silly question on our part! Lacy sells her goods online, in stores, and at many shows throughout the spring and summer so as you can imagine this business keeps her pretty busy. You can get your own MRockStar Designs pieces by visiting either of our locations, or clicking the link below!

February Meet the Maker Featuring Robin's Lullaby Boutique

Robin's Lullaby Boutique 1.jpg

This month we are excited to introduce you to Robin Colion from Robin's Lullaby Boutique out of Houston, Texas! Robin makes handcrafted custom baby essentials. As you may know, summers in Texas are HOT, and on those days Robin would spend time in her grandmothers craft room. She remembers sitting next to her grandmother at the sewing machine and learning a ton! Robin recalls the first thing she ever sewed was a quilt for one of her baby dolls (we'd love to see a photo of that)! 

After her grandmother passed away Robin and her sister were sorting through her belongings and she came across that same sewing machine, which she took home with her. The rediscovery of the sewing machine came at the perfect time in life, and Robin began sewing burp cloths, bibs, and baby bodysuits and opened her Etsy shop. "I love sewing and I love babies
so this is the perfect combination for me," she says. The name of her shop, Robin's Lullaby Boutique, came from the songs Robin would sing to her girls as babies while she rocked them to sleep.

Robin's Lullaby Boutique 2.jpg

Robin's favorite part of her handmade biz is working closely with her customers to create one of a kind and meaningful pieces, "I love hearing from people about how their order is for their dear family member or friend who is having a baby. It makes me proud to know something I physically made with my own two hands is going to be cherished by a mother for the rest of her life." Robin's beautiful pieces have been a wonderful addition to our shop, and she's even made us some Michigan themed bodysuits for your little ones as well. You can shop Robin's Lullaby Boutique by visiting us on Water Street, or clicking the button below! 

January Meet the Maker Featuring Papyrusaurus

Papyrusaurus 1.JPG

Hey 2018! After a month off we are so excited to re-start introducing to you to our makers each and every month. We are kicking things off with Ashley Aranda from Papyrusaurus (currently based in Long Island New York)! Ashley is originally from Pennsylvania and has also spent some time in Savannah, Georgia while attending The Savannah College of Art & Design. She's obviously always been the creative type, but adulting and being a mommy to two boys took up a good chunk of her time until one day she sat down and started "tinkering with some paper crafts."

What she came up with that day was a beautiful ornament made from book pages. Ashley really liked it and decided to make more, friends encouraged her to open an Etsy shop, she got an order from a large gallery the second year in, started doing shows, and the rest as they say is history. Ashley says, "I kind of really stumbled into it." We hear from a lot of makers that they start in this unknowing kind of way and love hearing the success stories that come from picking up and doing something that they love and are passionate about! The name of her business came in a random way as well. Ashley and her boy were watching Dinosaur Train (specifically the Dinosaur Alphabet episode), with paper in her hands the name popped into her head as she was signing along.

Papyrusaurus 2.png

Some of her favorite parts of having this business are shopping used book stores and flea markets for supplies, and brainstorming new ideas for the holidays! Papyrusaurus is Ashley's "full-time-blood-sweat-and-tears-gig" and we're so happy she does it + sells her amazingly handcrafted items in our shop. They are truly one of a kind! You can shop Papyrusaurus items by stopping in to our shop, visiting her online by clicking below, or following her on social media to find out what show she'll be at next (she does A LOT).

November Meet the Maker Featuring Maiden Hands

Maiden Hands 1.jpg

This month we are very pleased to introduce you to Karlee Miller, the Michigan based maker behind Maiden Hands. Karlee was born/raised and still resides in our great state of Michigan. She grew up with a mom and grandmother that crocheted beautiful afghans and it was a skill that Karlee had always wanted to learn. About five years ago, while on maternity leave, Karlee got her mom to show her the in's and out's of crocheting and it finally stuck, she says "I just can't seem to put down my crochet hook!"

About a year after learning this new craft friends and family members started asking about hats and scarves and she decided to start selling them at that point. A friend came up with the name for her business. Karlee explains, "if you haven’t caught on its “made in hands” (aka Michigan) with a womanly twist." (Ahhhh, we get it now)! Her favorite parts in the process are the very beginning stages when a customer sends her a request, the end when she gets to see and hold the final product, and also being able to see a customers response to what she has made special just for them!

Maiden Hands 2.jpg

Karlee has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design which has come in handy in her small business. She works full-time and Maiden Hands is very much a creative outlet for her at the current time. In addition to crochet items, she also gets several requests for custom wooden signs. Maiden Hands joined the Half Mile Handmade family in the summer of 2017 when we opened our booth inside City Market and we have been so happy to stock her adorable cup cozy's! 

You can shop Maiden Hands products by stopping in to see us or contacting Karlee directly through her Facebook or Instagram.

October Meet the Maker Featuring The Crooked Dollhouse

This month we get to introduce you to Cheyenne Taylor the owner and maker at The Crooked Dollhouse! Chey is Michigan born and raised and currently lives in Vassar. Like many of our makers, she has always had an interest and hand in being crafty and also enjoys photography. She says, "Creating and capturing beautiful things is uber relaxing for me, so I’m incredibly lucky to have a job that allows me to do both!"

The Crooked Dollhouse 2.jpg

In 2014 Chey was given a box full of broken family jewelry that she decided she would fix. She mended chains, added charms, and put some life back into the pieces that had been unused for so long. From there jewelry making just stuck and in 2015 she decided to make a business of creating her own unique designs created start to finish by hand! The name of her business, The Crooked Dollhouse, is unique just like each piece she makes and the people that wear it.

Jewelry making is her full time job and there is no part in the process that Chey does not completely adore. She even says that packaging up orders brings her a lot of joy, "I always get excited when shipping an order, because it means I get to package everything up super cute." We have been lucky to stock The Crooked Dollhouse pieces since we opened in 2016 and love that her inventory is always changing and fresh. You can shop her jewelry buy stopping in to see us on Water Street or by clicking the link below!

September Meet the Maker Featuring Heather Made Designs

Heather Made Designs 1.jpg

Introducing our featured maker for the month of September, Heather, from Heather Made Designs! Heather is Grand Rapids, Michigan born and raised and has had an affinity for arts and crafts from a very young age. Her mother always encouraged Heather and her sister to create and taught them many crafty skills such as sewing, crocheting, knitting, and even drawing lessons! When Heather got married, her mom bought her a Featherweight Sewing Machine as a wedding gift so she could continue to make things for her family.

The skills she acquired as a child and gift of the sewing machine were the "building blocks" for Heather Made Designs. Heather was creating more things than her family and friends needed and the business side of things really got going after she signed up for a couple craft shows and loved them! Going to these events has even allowed her to meet other makers, many of which are close friends now. She says buying fabric is her favorite part in the creative process (we know that feeling all too well, Heather!) because she is able to choose colorful patterns to use together in her work.

Heather Made Designs 2.jpg

Heather Made Designs is a hobby and part-time endeavor that she has been doing for 12 years - double digits! When she's not busy sewing she spends time with her hubby and three kiddos! You can check out Heather's products at one of her upcoming shows (9/16: Eastern & Alger Pop-Up Market or 9/22-9/23: Farm Girl Flea) by stopping into our shop on Water Street, or by clicking the link below. We have loved having Heather's baby items in our shop - they're just adorable! 

August Meet the Maker Featuring Boonie Patch Co.

Today, we are excited to introduce you to Boonie Patch Co., our first 'maker-duo' since starting this series on our blog! Boonie Patch Co. started in March of 2016 out of Toledo, OH and is owned by Greg Patrisso and Natalie Deeb. The two of them were always doodling in notebooks and sketchbooks in college and came up with the idea that they wanted to start a creative business of some sort with these drawings. In the beginning they didn't know it would end up being amazing pins and patches but after weeks of talking and research they decided this would be the best route for them to pursue (and we're SO GLAD they did)! After deciding to make patches they had two ready to sell within the first month!

Boonie Patch Co. 1.jpg

A simple, but effective brainstorming session is the story behind their company name. (Natalie and Greg said they get asked this question a lot). They made a list of potential business names, and Boonie is the one that stuck. Natalie says, "we cannot even imagine a different name being attached to our products and our brand!"

As almost all of our makers have said, creating graphics in Adobe Illustrator is their favorite part in the creative process. They love making new designs come to life and posting sneak peeks for customers. Another fun aspect they have been pursuing more is collaborating with other local Toledo artists on projects. Both Greg and Natalie are still in school, working part-time, and consider Boonie Patch Co. a full-time endeavor on top of that. As most creative entrepreneurs are aware, you spend a lot more time than you'd think building your business and brand, it's pretty easy to work your way up to 40+ hours a week on top of everything else you have going on! Kudos, by the way you two!

We have loved having Boonie Patch Co.'s trendy products in our shop since the beginning of this year and we look forward to seeing what designs they'll come up with for us next! You can find their products by visiting our shop on Water Street, clicking the link below, or by stopping to say hi at one of their many upcoming shows (they're seriously EVERYWHERE)!

July Meet the Maker Featuring Adore Jules

Today we are thrilled to tell you all about our friend Nancy Lacke from Adore Jules out of Columbus, Ohio! Nancy was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and growing up was naturally surrounded by "art, museums, theatre, fashion, etc. and her family exposed her to ALL OF IT." (She says, 'thanks mom and dad')! Nancy says her jewelry obsession began with a special gift from her dad at the age of 5.  It was a sterling ring with an aqua crystal, and YES, she still has it! Being creative has played a big role in Nancy's life from youth to young mom to the present.

As her children got older, she started taking drawing classes and later jewelry making classes. She started out making pieces for family and friends. One of her nieces along the way suggested opening an Etsy shop, which Nancy did, and that's how her small business started. Nancy credits the name of her business to divine intervention. She explains, "I can remember sitting at my desk at work brainstorming ideas for my business. I thought about the adore chapel at my church and that word, "adore" - I adore jewels, but didn't want to spell jewels in the usual way so I changed it to 'jules.'"

Nancy graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewhater with a degree in Education, and taught for a period of time. Today she has a full-time job, but Adore Jules is her passion and over time has evolved from a hobby to a full blown business. As most of our makers have told us, the creation process is her absolute favorite! She incorporates everything into her unique jewelry pieces from gemstones, to vintage items, hand stamping, leather, and much more.

Adore Jules has been part of our shop since day one and Nancy has even made the 5 hour trek from Columbus, Ohio to see our shop in person. She also donates a portion of all of her sales to Dress for Success Columbus, and is offering all of you 15% off her site all month long using code "halfmile15"! You can find Adore Jules at our shop, online by clicking the button below, at Gervasi Vinyard Fine Arts & Crafts Show (July 23rd), or at the Made Local Marketplace Fall Show (October 7th). 

June Meet the Maker Featuring Spoonfeather Designs

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Heather Spooner from Spoonfeather Designs out of Detroit, Michigan! Heather is a hand-letterer that puts her penmanship on everything from paper to sun hats. Most of her childhood was spent practicing her handwriting. She explains that she, "was always the kid who got asked to make poster for school fundraisers, draw on other students paper bag book covers and design group project." As she grew up friends still continued to ask her to letter fun projects for them, and it seemed like a good business idea to run with!

When we asked Heather to tell us how she named her business she said, "when you have the last name Spooner, you obviously have to use it in your business name! Most of my childhood, people called me Heather Feather, so I thought combining words to play off of my name would be a great way to infuse my personality into my business and help my customers remember my name." She says her favorite part of her creative process is working with clients to create timeless decor pieces.

Spoonfeather Designs is Heather's full time job, and she is constantly working on adding "relevant and interesting products" to her business, including hand lettering classes that just launched this year! Heather has been with us since day one and we just love her thoughtfully made prints, greeting cards, and now globes available in our shop! She welcomes all of you to contact her with custom inquiries at, and you can always shop her goods in our store, or on Etsy too!