January Meet the Maker Featuring Jordyn Alison Designs

We are so excited to tell you all about Jordyn Carmien the creative behind Jordyn Alison Designs today on the blog! She is Bay City born and raised; attending school at Western, John Glenn, Delta and now Saginaw Valley State University where she is studying for her degree in Graphic Design. Jordyn says she has always been into drawing and creativity, especially in the summer time thanks to her dad. Card making is something she initially started doing for family and friends simply because she enjoyed it. When she met her boyfriend, she started taking things a bit more seriously and opened her Etsy shop, which today offers 100+ items (WOW)! Then when he joined the Air Force, she became even more serious about making this fun-venture into a business-venture and started focusing on LDR cards, which are hard to come by! She recalls, "I will never forget the feeling of getting two 10 card orders the weekend he left for boot camp, it was almost as if it was a sign that I'm doing the right thing." 

Jordyn felt there was nothing more unique than her name, which is now Jordyn Alison (her first and middle name) Designs came to be! Her favorite part of her creative small business is the number opportunities to meet new people that it brings. Although she's a self-proclaimed-introvert, she says all of the practice has paid off and made her confident and proud of the products that she makes and she loves talking to people at her craft shows! Jordyn especially enjoys connecting with others' also involved in LDR's and getting to share their stories with one another, "knowing those cards mean so much more to them is very rewarding." Besides her LDR cards, her 'Smart Cookie' card has been a fan favorite too!

When Jordyn isn't being creative she gets excited about traveling and exploring new places. Jordyn Alison Designs has been part of our shop since the beginning, and we have loved seeing all of the fun designs of cards she continues to bring in month after month. For now, this is a part-time job for her while in college, but after graduation she hopes to be doing this full-time! You can find Jordyn Alison Designs by clicking the button below or stopping into Half Mile Handmade!