A Review of Maker Mini Session #1: Starting Your Small Business

To say the least, we were blown away by the talent that surrounded us in a room of entrepreneurs at the Delta College Planetarium last night. The group may have appeared small in numbers to some, but the ideas, motivation, and heart was larger than life. First, we have to start by saying a big THANK YOU to Patrick from the SBDC Great Lakes Bay Region for a relevant and actionable presentation about how to start your very own small business. Patrick started by giving us all some important things to think about when taking your business idea from 'inspiration to reality.' Then we got into the nitty gritty of legalities, paperwork, and costs associated with making your business legit and learned A LOT.

Toward the beginning of his presentation, Patrick asked each person in the room to introduce themselves, their business or business idea, and tell a bit about what they hoped to get out of this session. No two people in the room were exactly the same. Each person was at a different stage in the process; whether that be getting ideas down on paper, on the cusp of legitimizing their business, and even a few that have been at it for a bit looking for advice and affirmation. We absolutely loved seeing everyone from different backgrounds with different goals come together and learn - an awesome evening for sure! 

One of our biggest takeaways from the night was how much networking can benefit and impact you and your business. Don't be afraid to share your ideas with others' and bask in the knowledge, conversations, and connections that the simple act of talking can bring your way. Networking and collaboration is what has driven us to put these sessions together for you! Will we see you at our next session on February 1st on the topic of Taxes & Accounting? RSVP HERE!

Photo from Sarah at  Angeline Kay Art + Design .

Photo from Sarah at Angeline Kay Art + Design.