February Meet the Maker Featuring Never Felt Better Co.

Today we are introducing you to April Frost, the maker behind Never Felt Better Co! Originally from South Dakota, April is now a proud Michigander who has been living in Grand Rapids for the past three years. She has an undergraduate degree in Psych and a graduate degree in Political Science, both from the University of South Dakota. Initially, April began her handmade biz after making some felt flowers for her daughter first birthday. She enjoyed it so much that she found herself making wreaths and other home decor that included these felt flower accents soon after. Then, one day while looking for inspiration she stumbled upon some modern macrame pieces and has put most of her focus into making these types of pieces as well as doing some beautiful hand dyed tapestries. While she does still do some felt flower items she says she "loves the rhythm of macrame and gets lost in the cadence."

April says the name of her business came to her one night while she was laying in bed. Originally, the word "felt" had a dual meaning based on her work with felt flowers. Although over time her craft and business has changed, the name has stuck, "Never Felt Better fits me perfectly, and I can't part with it," she says. Her favorite part in the process is the actual physical making of each piece, April says it's easy to get lost in the rhythm (which we find totally believable)! 

Never Felt Better Co is April's "part-time" gig as she is a full-time mommy when she's not creating. She has been selling her hand crafted felt flower pieces in our shop since day one, and we feel lucky to call her a part of our family! Her favorite pieces to work on currently are the dip dyed tapestries. She says, "they are big, bold, and beautiful and each takes a good chunk of time and focus, but also makes them the most rewarding." You can find Never Felt Better Co pieces by clicking the button below or stopping into Half Mile Handmade.