March Meet the Maker Featuring Outsider Art Jewelry

We are thrilled to introduce you to Cherie Davila, the creative behind Outsider Art Jewelry today! Cherie makes unique jewelry with all upcycled pieces from her home in Saginaw, Michigan. When her grandmother passed away some broken but sentimental pieces of jewelry were left behind. From there Cherie taught herself how to incorporate them into new wearable pieces and started a business doing so in 1995. Since then she has sold her jewelry in many boutiques and at art shows.

In her craft she uses "old broken or cast off jewelry, hardware pieces, and other found objects" that come together to make a brilliant and unique style of jewelry all her own. Wouldn't you agree? Cherie has shipped her jewelry all over the world including the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, China, Australia, France and Croatia. We're sure she'd love to work on any custom pieces you might have in mind, too!

From start to finish, Cherie has a hand in every part of her process; from finding materials, creating jewelry, photographing, and eventually shipping pieces, it's all her! That's enough to keep anyone busy! We love looking at each piece that she brings to the shop and imagining what it might have been before Cherie transformed in into the beautiful piece in front of us. You can find her at Keepsake Collection at Horizon Conference Center (April 8th), Art and Garden Festival at Anderson Enrichment Center (June 7th), by stopping in to Half Mile Handmade, or by clicking the link below.