April Meet the Maker Featuring KP Studio

KP Studio 1.jpg

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Krista Pischner the owner and artist of Grand Rapids based KP Studio! KP Studio focuses on fruit, veggie, and herb illustrations and home goods. A couple of unique life experiences led Krista to begin KP Studio the first of which are some cherished childhood memories. She recalls, "I grew up in a little northern Michigan town, Charlevoix, where I spent my summers growing and watering veggies in our family garden. During those summers my mom taught me how to cook." The second was in her senior year of college when she started focusing on farm to table communities. Krista started altering her diet and recognizing the positive changes in her body and lifestyle and began painting photos and illustrating different fruits and vegetables.

After college she planted a garden and started illustrating recipes which she turned into a coloring book (her first product) and has been hooked on the idea of making this a business ever since! Her business, of course, is named after her! She says, "I wanted my business name to reflect my lifestyle and artistic brand," but it's something she said she may change up in the future. Her favorite part in the creative process can go one of two ways, "making a really good dish/recipe and then wanting to draw it! Or vise versa!"

Krista earned a bachelors degree in Sociology & Studio Art at Aquinas College and currently lives and works in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When she's not working on things for KP Studio she is a full time Senior Property Manager for Dwelling Place as well as a part-time manager at Dime & Regal (we don't know how you do it all, kudos girl)! You can find KP Studio goods by stopping in to see us, visiting her at Made in Michigan Pop-Up Marketplace on June 24th, or by clicking the link below. We are so glad that she is part of the Half Mile Handmade family!