April Meet the Maker Featuring MRockStar Designs

MRockStar Designs 1.JPG

This month we get to introduce you to Michigan maker Lacy Mrock from MRockStar Designs! Lacy is mitten-born-and-raised and still lives in our great state to this day. She and her husband are both craft beer drinkers and her business is built around BEER - how awesome is that?! Lacy upcycles bottle caps to make a variety of products including earrings, keychains, magnetic bottle openers, and even board games!

After being laid off from work several years ago, she started making jewelry as a hobby. She made a pair of earrings on Christmas that got her lots of compliments anywhere she went. The craft beer industry was beginning to explode around this time too and from there she took initiative to expand her offering to everything we mentioned before. The rest, as they say a lot in the handmade world, is history! She knew she could make a business based around repurposing these bottle caps. Lacy and a friend came up with the name for her business as a play-on-words using her last name and she was up and running in no time.

MRockStar Designs 2.JPG

When we asked Lacy what her favorite part of the process was she said, "drinking the beer of course!" Probably a silly question on our part! Lacy sells her goods online, in stores, and at many shows throughout the spring and summer so as you can imagine this business keeps her pretty busy. You can get your own MRockStar Designs pieces by visiting either of our locations, or clicking the link below!