May Meet the Maker Featuring All That 'N A Ball of Yarn

All That 'N A Ball of Yarn 1.jpg

It's May and we get to introduce to you yet another amazing maker that sells handmade goods with our shop. This month we are talking about Shannon from All That 'N A Ball of Yarn. She is a Michigan based maker that works with, you guessed it, YARN! We first gained interest in Shannon's products at a craft show we met her at when we were looking for kitchen and gardening goods for our booth inside City Market. She is originally from Sylvania, Ohio but lives in Brighton, Michigan now with her hubby and daughter. She learned to sew and crochet at a young age and fondly recalls memories of time spent on these activities with her grandmother who taught her these skills.

She said she's always had a passion for design in many forms and crochet is just one of the many ways she gets to explore that passion. Shannon's husband came up with the name of her business, All That 'N A Ball of Yarn , because it doesn't restrict what she can create. Yes, the focus is items created using yarn, but the name is vague enough that she can let her creative side run wild! She has always wanted to own her own business and started dabbling in this handmade gig in 2014. When her daughter was born in 2015, she decided to stay home with her and really started working hard on the business and began doing shows and markets with the help of her mother.

Coming up with new designs to add to her inventory is Shannon's favorite part in the process. She also mentions her appreciation for the research and development that goes into each new item, "they may not always work, but trial and error is a huge part of the process as well." Among all that she makes, reusable Swiffer covers and children's hats are the most popular items! You can shop All That 'N A Ball of Yarn products by visiting us at either location, or clicking the link below.